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SUFIN - SUFIN is a combination of two words ie. SU & FIN. SU symbolize as SARU, Shubh (Saru & Shubh are  the Traditional Gujarat’s Gujarati word which is situate in India and it means Very Good) and FIN is a part of Finance, Financial market so combing them it becomes SUFIN.
In India Green Colour symbolize the shade of currency, money. 
Copper Red colour is to show that we are much more agressive for our Investors. 
The entire logo has a shade of dark zad black which shows the depth of our knowlege,  commitment of our services.
A thin Green Line which is between word “I” symbolize a growing plant and the point of “I” the yellow Coin which is symbolizing “GOLD COIN” (Precious Metal) which is growth of the plan which is and will be growing day by day. This gives us the outcome that “MONEY GROWS WITH SUFIN”

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